Everyone Has Parasites!


Yes it’s true – those creepy, crawly, wormy things are all up in our bodies! I learned this thanks to www.organicolivia.com ‘s posts and research. I took it upon myself to purchase the book “The Cure for All Diseases” by Dr. Hulda Clark and also the budget-friendly parasite kit that Olivia suggested. I plan to document my journey so stay tuned and see below for updates!

Day 1 Results: No kidding, I already saw a parasite come out (sorry not to give TMI or be too graphic) but it was so exciting! I can’t believe I did one day of the parasite cleanse and colon cleanse and already passed one of those creepy worms! Makes me excited for these next two weeks!

Days 2, 3 & 4: So unfortunately I haven’t seen any more parasites like the first day (probably because I haven’t gotten to the point when I’m willing to use utensils and plastic gloves to dig around and look, gross!) BUT I definitely am experiencing a bit of headaches, fatigue and bloated-ness! Sorry for the TMI, but I’m also on my period so wondering if that’s what the bloating/fatigue is from, or maybe it’s a combo. Anyways! I don’t really feel any different, I’ve been eating like normal (probably a little too bad for a cleanse, but I like to eat!). SO I’m wondering if it’s working? It is a 2 week thing so probably going to see more action as time goes on. I’m documenting the pictures of my stomach and face each day to see if there are noticeable changes!

Days 5, 6 & 7: So I’m not going to give TMI because I don’t think anyone wants that (please comment below if I’m wrong) but I just HAVE to share with you…

My experience so far:

  • The colon cleanse: at first I didn’t mind the taste/texture! It really wasn’t bad. However now that I’m on day 7 and colon cleanse drink #13…it’s getting so much harder to swallow! What used to take 30 seconds before now takes up to 15 minutes to get down. *Comment if you are experiencing this same thing below*
  • Parasite sightings: Some keep utensils and gloves nearby so they can dig around and explore what has come out..unfortunately my stomach turns as the idea, and attempts I made, of doing such things (I’m hoping I can get past this because I REALLY am curious)! BUT I have seen 4 worms come out without digging! And they were on the surface/separate and completely 100% visible, clear as day WORMS! It’s so exciting to see something you’re working hard at everyday already have results. I’m sparing you all from personal pictures, but if you Google: “intestinal parasites” you can see some examples of what I’ve been seeing! I believe I passed a rope worm, possibly a tape worm or 2, and definitely a thin stringy one that looks like a hookworm. There are probably so many coming out that I don’t even recognize because honestly with my research, some of these parasite look like broken down food but check out the Google pictures for yourself!
  • Acne: Maybe I’m jumping the gun here, but I swear my chronic acne that has been a problem on my chin and all around it seems to be disappearing. This is unprecedented! I have had this acne for almost a year and a half non-stop and for years before that on and off. I thought it was stress but when Olivia said her chronic backne started clearing after her cleanse, i was hoping to see the same results for myself! It seems to be working..stay tuned. *Anyone else experience this?*

♥If you have any questions/comments, comment away below!! I would love to hear from you! 🙂


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