Can You Actually Swim With Sharks?


What: Not one, not two, try at least 20 sharks spiraling inches and feet away from your body floating in the ocean! The purpose: education, conservation, and a thrilling, once in a lifetime experience. We saw Galapagos, Sandbar, and even a Hammerhead.

Where: Haleiwa, Hawaii aka North Shore of Oahu.

Why: Because sharks are misunderstood species and what better way to get your blood pumping?

How: Choose a company. I’ve done both OneOceanDiving and IslandView and loved both experiences for different reasons. One Ocean is more educational and overall a great experience, however we saw many more sharks with Island View and they took photos for us (for a price of course). Wear a rash guard because it gets cold and there are jelly fish! Bring a towel, gopro, sunscreen, etc.

(yes, that’s me in the picture!)



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